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Polish 33s

Here follows a list of vintage Polish 33s. Most have been out of the manufacturer's catalog for five to fifty years. These records either are one-of-a-kind, or exist in very small quantities. This may be your last chance to acquire these rare originals.

Album grading follows standard record collector's practice:

+ and - signs following grading further defines condition. Nothing below VG is sold here.

Grading should be pretty easy to figure out. Except in the case of a few super rarities, prices range from $1 to $5. A $5 record should be in great shape. A $1 record should be in average (very playable) condition. Yet, less rare items may be priced at $3 in nearly new shape.

Shipping and handling will be $2 for the first record and $.50 for each additional record. Please allow two weeks for checks to clear before shipment. Records are guaranteed for condition if returned in the same shape within 3 weeks.

In the U.S., shipment will be by UPS unless otherwise requested. UPS orders are automatically insured for $100. A street address is required. Please add sufficient payment for insurance on postal shipments or UPS shipments above $100.

For overseas orders, please pay by cash or postal money order in US funds. We can either send by UPS or US mail. Overseas orders generally go parcel post unless you pay extra for Air Mail.

Have fun browsing through these great vintage recordings. Happy Shopping!

Polish 33s

Artist Title Record Co Record No Cond Price Remarks
Polish Carolers Hej Koleda! Chicago Polkas LP-9402 M $8 Sealed
Polish Kid For All Time Sound 1088 E+ $9  
Polish Mountaineer Old Country Style Vol. 2 Bel-Aire LP 3007 VG+ $4  
Polka Kings A Polish Wedding Epic LN 3495 E+ $9  
Prill, Johnny The Polka News K & R 205011XA E+ $5 Slight Warp
Siwicki, bob Polkas Rex LP 720 M- $4  
Siwicki, Bob Polkas Rex LP-720 M $5 Sealed
St. Francis Children's Choir Koledy Polish Christmas Carols Chicago CLP-591 E+ $5  
St. Francis Children's Choir Koledy Polish Christmas Carols Chicago CLP-591 VG+ $5 1950's writing on jacker
Sturr, Jimmy Let's have a Polka Party Starr LSP 504-505 M- $10 Double Album C
Sturr, Jimmy All In My Love For You Starr LP 570 M $6 Sealed B
Sturr, Jimmy All In My Love For You Starr LP-570 M- $5  
Sturr, Jimmy Please Have Them Play a Polka Just for me Starr LP 563 M $6 Sealed
Sturr, Jimmy I'm Sturr Crazy Starr LP-540 E+ $5  
Sturr, Jimmy Remember Warsaw Starr LP 561 M $6 Sealed
Sturr, Jimmy The All American Polka Festival Bruno-Dean RBS 122 M $5  
Sturr, Jimmy Million Dollar Polkas Bruno-Dean RBS-108 E $6 Double Album
Styczynski, Alvin From Town to Town Cuca KS-2134 M $10  
Styczynnski, Alvin Pulaski is A Polka Town Cuca K-2040 VG+ $8  
Styczynski, Alvin A Salute to Polka Fans Everywhere Cuca KS-2110 E+ $9  
Suchey Brothers The Sky's The Limit WAM LP W4041 M $5 Sealed
Szymanski, Bob Bay State's Finest Polka Band Rex LP 692 M $5 Sealed
Tancerz, Irlandzki Give Every Man His Dew Wifon LP 005 M- $5 Import
Tomaszewski, Joe Polish Show Band Studio 5 S5-7324 M- $5  
Weber, Jimmy The Sounds from the Heart WRS WRP 20104 E $4  
Witkowski, Bernard Bingo Polka Dana DLP 1251 E- $8 Tape on jacket
Wojnarowski, Frank Matka Dana DL 1295 VG $6  
Wojnarowski, Frank Helen Polka Dana DLP 1227 E $15 Pink label
Wojnarowski, Frank Polish Song Album Dana DLP 1249 E $15 Original Label
Zima, Eddie Polka Specialties by Jay Jay 1043 E $5 Chip, Not in groove
Zima, Eddie Polka Specialties by Jay Jay 1043 M $9 Sealed
Zoucha, Adrian Polish Music from the past Ray RRSLP 2502 E+ $4  
Lush Marion The Musical Vibrant Polkas Dyno DSLP-1607 E+ $6 1st Album 2nd pressing
Various Artists Christmas Polkas Chicago Polkas LP-9101 M $6  
Various Artists Ukranian-America Fiddle & Dance Music Vol 2 Polkalyric 9015 M $10 Sealed
Various Artists All Star Polka Spectacular Rim Dyno SLP-1 E+ $4 Seam split
Various Artists Best of Dyno Vol. II USA LP-106 E+ $5  
Adamczyk, Steve Polkas with Dana DLP 1215 E $15  
Bell Hops Polka Hops by the Bell Hops Jay Jay 1084 M- $12  
Bernard, Whitey Polka Steps Request SRLP 10098 E+ $6  
Blazonczyk, Eddie Poland European Tour Bel-Aire LP 3012 E+ $4  
Blazonczyk, Eddie Polkas a Plenty Bel-aire LP 3013 E- $5  
Blazonczyk, Eddie Another Polka Celebration Bel-Aire LP 3039 M $5  
Budzilek, Ray Polish Songs Mama Never Taught Me Roulette R 25266 E+ $12  
Budzilek, Ray Polish Songs Mama Never Taught Me Roulette R 25266 M- $15  
Budzilek, Ray Saturday Night...Polka! Capitol T 1300 VG- $3  
Chesky, Larry Polka Wonderland Rex LP 653 M $5 Sealed
Chesky, Larry Polish Dance Party Rifton TS 84 E+ $4  
Chesky, Larry I want to Play in Your Band Rex LP 825 E+ $4  
Data Marisha Polka-Data Capitol T882 E- $12  
Gronet, Eddie Polka Party Waldorf Music Hall MHK SD 1410 E+ $6 Canadian Pressing
Happy Louie Polka Party MGM SE-4507 M- $7 2nd pressing
Happy Louie Red Hot Polkas MGM E-4331 E+ $10  
Happy Louie Red Hot Polkas MGM E-4331 M- $12  
Happy Notes Polka Varieties Gold GS-1002 E+ $7  
Happy Notes Dance & Sing in 76 Gold GS-1005 E+ $7 B
Henry, Ray Rendezvous Polka Dana DLP 1262 E $15  
Jolly Brothers Polka Special Studio 4 S4 6301S M- $4  
Jolly Brothers The Best of Vol. IV Polka City PC 504 M- $4  
Kryger Brothers Polskie Koledy Polish Christmas Carols Rave RLP-205 M $8  
Lash, Ed World's Finest Concertina Polkas Jay Jay LP 1007 M-/E $9 Yellow Label B
Lash, Ed Hi-Fi Concertina Polkas Jay Jay LP-1013 VG $5 Yellow Label
Lash, Ed Concertina Polkas Jay Jay LP-5002 E- $8 Yellow Label seam split
Lee, Stan Sing along with Stas Chicago Polkas CLP-1300 VG $4 Seam Split
Lewan, Jan Send Her Roses JRD JRD 208 M- $5  
Lewan, Jan Las Vegas Polka JRD JRD 207 M- $5  
Li'l Richard Born a Polka Musician Aleatoric A4007 M $6 Sealed
Li'l Richard Merry Christmas! Chicago Polkas LP-9800 M $8 B
Li'l Richard To All the Polka Fans Aleatoric A-4016 M $6 Sealed
Li'l Richard Chicago Moonlight Polka Cruise Aleatoric A-4017 M $6 Sealed
Li'l Wally Sincerely Yours Jay Jay 1104 E+ $5  
Li'l Wally New Sound in Polkas Jay Jay 5005 E- $6 Blue & White Label
Li'l Wally New Sound in Polkas Jay Jay 1003 M- $7 Writing on cover
Li'l Wally A Tribute to Zima Jay Jay 5112 M- $5  
Li'l Wally The Great Jagiello Sound Jay Jay WJ 8000 E- $5  
Li'l Wally Hit Parade Jay Jay 1032 VG+ $4 Stereo record inside
Li'l Wally Thanks for a Wonderful Evening Jay Jay 1020 VG $3 Seam Split
Li'l Wally Spiewajmy Razem Let's sing with L Wally in Polish Jay Jay 1034 VG $3 Tape on jacket
Li'l Wally Beautiful Polka Music by Jay Jay 1035 VG- $2  
Lush, Marion Musical Stars Dyno LP 9903 VG+ $6  
Lush, Marion Solid Gold Starr LP 551 E+ $5  
Lush, Marion Play the best of Li'l Wally USA 103 E $10 Rare Label
Lush, Marion The Best of USA 101 E $10 Rare label
Milwaukee Rascals Polka Party Oscar OS-131 M $4 Sealed
Miskiewicz, Mike Polka Favorites Sunset SUM-1164 E $4  
Novickowski, Nicholas Most Famous Polish Polkas Diplomat FS-301 VG+ $3  
Paderewski, Ignacy Jan Self Titled Muza XL 0684 E+ $5 Import
Pala Brothers Christmas Bells are ringing Chicago Polkas LP-9600 M $8 Sealed
Paterek, Joe Pat Waltz and Polka Mass Chicago Polkas LP-6500 M $5 Sealed B

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